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Top 5 Things to Do in Tokyo

Tokyo, also called Tokyo Metropolis is one of the 46 prefectures of Japan, a great tourist attraction and a marvelous city. Although completely rebuilt after a major earthquake and the Second World War, Tokyo is nowadays in a complete state of being, a major city in the world and rich in tourist attractions.

If you, by any chance, arrive to Tokyo and wonder what’s there to see, here are five suggestions you should consider when visiting this magnificent city.

The Imperial Palace

The Imperial PalaceTokyo Imperial Palace is the main residence of the Emperor of Japan. It is built like a park, combining also gardens, bridges and courtyards, of an unreal beauty. Only the East Gardens are open for visiting, and the other inner grounds are open only on two occasions, on December 23rd and January 2nd.

Today’s Imperial Palace consists of multiple interconnected modern structures, which are divided into seven major wings, each corresponding to a social protocol: Seiden State Function Hall, Homeiden State Banquet Hall, Chowaden Reception Hall, Rensui Dining Room, Chigusa Chidori Drawing Room and the Emperor’s work office.

The Imperial Palace also includes gardens, teahouses, a music hall and the Three Palace Sanctuaries, where parts of Imperial Regalia of Japan are kept.

Disney Resort

Disney ResortThis popular theme park has a little something for everyone. Specifically designed to please any age, the Disney resort can easily impress with its Disney Sea, a romantic park with many artsy attractions.

The resort offers more than 100 restaurants, boutiques, but also a huge shopping mall. This is the place to spend some good quality time and if you really like it you can choose to stay in one of its available hotels, to be near the fun. The overall package of this colorful place also includes lots of events, parades, and other tourist attractions.

Kabuki-Za Theatre

With origins dating back in the feudal Japan, this is the most popular form of cultural entertainment when visiting Tokyo.
The plays are exquisite, the costumes are refined, the actors – complex, and the whole scene, elaborated.

Tsukiji Market

Tokyo is one of the world’s most famous seafood capitals, and the proof of that is this great place, called Tsukiji market, which is the largest fish market in the country. If you’re into sushi or seafood, the morning is the most suitable moment of the day to visit this place and to buy fresh (or sometimes, even alive) fish.


GinzaGinza is Tokyo’s most famous shopping center, but also the home of many bars, restaurants, coffee shops, tea shops. Ginza is the place to go when shopping in Tokyo – anything you might want to buy, it’s probably there.

This magnificent shopping center lines exclusive brand shops, luxurious stores and concept stores which will amaze everyone. This popular place is so crowded especially during weekends, that the traffic is barred, so shoppers feel free to walk and shop in this paradise of things and possibilities.

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