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How to Plan the Perfect Cruise

Waiting to get on that perfect cruise you’ve been planning for a while can be a very pleasant activity. That if you have planned it well enough to make sure nothing can go wrong during that week of paradise. Discover what there is to know about planning the perfect cruise.

The dream boat

The dream boatInstead of focusing only on the destination, as exotic as it might seem, ignoring the actual boat can mean a disaster, that’s why being informed and asking all the questions about it might save you some energy and some good mood.
Make a personal wish list, and include in it all the features you have in mind, like the general atmosphere on the boat, your room, the facilities, the prices. This way, when you’ll get on that cruise, you’ll be sure everything is as it’s supposed to be.

The Booking

Once you have decided on what kind of boat you will travel, it’s time to book. Try and book your vacation with 3 or 4 months ahead, you’ll probably get a discount for early booking and you’ll have plenty of time to organize your bags, your trip and your affairs before getting on the cruise. Also, make sure you have deal with all your daily business before going; in order to have an absolute carefree trip, many people take care of their bills and other listed problems before leaving the town.

The Packing

The PackingNot being worried at all is an ultimate purpose of a perfect cruise. This also includes luggage. Prepare a carry-on and a bigger luggage, in case one is mistakenly lost, so you’ll have all the necessary items on you. Take only clothes which fit the weather, but prepare something warm, in case it gets chilly on the cruise’s deck, at night. Include in your luggage undies, t-shirts, a bathing suit at least, something sexy when dining, and all the other products you use on regular basis.

The Planning

One you have decided to get on a cruise, you surely must know that some cruise tickets include shore excursions. These aren’t mandatory, but since you also have paid for these too, why not enjoying a break from the sea? Read carefully what shore excursions are included in the package and decide what you want to see.
Also, if the shore break is longer, you can book a restaurant table, so everything will be at its right place when you get off the boat. And since it’s all about planning, why not also book some the spa treatments and the body therapies available on the cruise?

The partner

The partnerIf you’re traveling with your partner, think for two. Maybe a royal apartment on the ship is exactly what you both need, so book it. Make sure you ask a champagne breakfast in bed or a table for two when dining in the evening.
Since the cruises are designed to assign people since the beginning at a certain table or with certain people at the table, make sure the captain or the personnel knows your needs, most likely you will be provided with everything you need, especially since the cruise might be your honeymoon.
Also, when shore excursions are included, you can always decide not to leave the ship – in this way, you and your partner will finally have some private moments on a huge luxurious cruise, since most of the ship guests will probably take that shore excursion.


When it comes to our own person, nothing is a secret anymore, do what you want to do during the cruise, read, sleep, sun bathe, swim, eat, spa treatments, evening walks on the ship’s deck in a romantic mood. In the end, a vacation is all about running from the daily routine and getting in touch with your inner desires. There’s no special or mandatory recipe one can apply when getting on a cruise, but one: have fun! Enjoy it.

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