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Holiday Travel Safety Tips

A holiday travel might seem like the perfect time to give up precautions and simply enjoy the experience without worrying about anything. However, being a tourist ion a foreign country puts you in a vulnerable position, making you an easy target for con artists if you don't know how to protect yourself.

While travel safety measures might seem like common sense, many tourists fall prey to various scams and dangers every year. Although those who travel alone face more dangers than those who travel with a group, every tourist should take all the necessary precautions to make sure that the vacation will only consist of pleasurable memories.

Every aspect of the trip is important so it's essential not to leave your guard down at any moment. This doesn't mean that you should be paranoid, it simply means that you should always pay attention to your surroundings all the time to be able to notice any problem that might occur.

One of the most important attributes that any traveler should have is discretion. Tourists are generally easy targets for muggers and thieves due to the fact that they let con artists know that they are unfamiliar with the surroundings and often draw attention at themselves without even realizing it. Try not to wear massive jewelry and try to dress like a local and be discrete when reading the map.

Similarly, whenever you have to show important documents to authorities, do your best not to draw attention on yourself and avoid discussing about your travel plans or other personal information in public. Also, avoid placing tags with your name and address on the luggage tags and don't leave your luggage unattended.

Be ware of overly friendly locals who offer to do you certain favors. While some them might have a genuine interest in helping you, most con artists use this technique in order to make a tourist let the guard down and distract his attention. Try to avoid making a decision based on what a seemingly friendly local might recommend recommend you, especially if it's not a transaction that you have authorized. Also be aware of the exchange rate of the currency you need from when traveling from a foreign country to avoid being deceived and only exchange currency with reputable exchangers.

When staying at the hotel keep in mind the following hotel safety tips: choose a hotel where the access to the room is provided by a swipe card instead of a hotel key. That way, if you lose that card you will have fewer chances of being left without your valuable possessions and lock your room at night to avoid any uninvited guests. Also, you can ask advice from the hotel employees as to which places from the city have a good reputation and which ones should be avoided for safety reasons.

If you are traveling by care make sure that you take all the necessary precautions you normally take to avoid being carjacked choose parking spaces that are traveled and well lit. Be alert when entering in any parking lot and notice if anyone elicits more than a passing interest on you. If you choose to take a taxi make sure that you ask a list of the taxi companies from the area from the hotel and only use taxis that belong to the companies listed.

While traveling make sure that you know where the closest local authorities are in case any emergency. It's a good idea to keep a list of emergency numbers used in that country with you. In case you are being mugged remember that your physical safety is more important than your possessions and hand over your possessions instead of resisting and risk being hurt.

Because most muggers will often threaten you and ask for your wallet it might be a good idea to keep a fake wallet with you and hand it over instead of your real wallet. Avoid carrying large sums of money with you and pay with your credit card if possible. Also avoid using ATMs at night.

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